Black Magic Cake
This dark deeply chocolate cake is simply addictive. The flavour and texture remind you of that childhood cake you had with a tall glass of milk. Black Magic Chocolate Cake comes as a two layer frosted cake or as a Bundt cake. It is difficult to choose between the two.  Perfect for a birthday!

Raspberry Riches
This moist buttermilk and berry cake has a tender texture and the oatmeal streusel topping with a hint of dark chocolate.  Everyone loves fruit and in this version, raspberries steal the show. Raspberry riches is the ideal cake for breakfast for guests or family.

Marzipan Almond Cake
This large cake is very close to a confection. It is pure heaven for the marzipan lover. The cake is full of marzipan, fresh butter and eggs and then glazed with almond flavored simple syrup and decorated with toasted sliced almonds.

Chunky Apple Cake
This Bundt cake is bursting with the flavours of fall. Made with tart apples, spices and nuts, it is a perfect snacking cake any time of the day. This cake can also be dressed up by serving it with scented whipped cream, frozen yoghurt or ice cream.

Black Forest Cake
Our Classic Black Forest Cake always gets rave reviews. The quintessential decadent cake with  layers of deep dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla scented whipped cream and kirsch soaked sour cherries. This is the perfect celebration or holiday cake. There is something magical about the combination of cream, cherries, chocolate and Kirsch.

Classic Ginger Cake
This fragrant ginger cake is bursting with fresh ginger, spices and citrus. Ginger cake is a perfect comfort food cake in the fall or winter. Ginger cake comes as a Bundt cake with an almond glaze or as a single layer cake that is dusted with icing sugar. Both are wonderful with tea or coffee. This cake will bring back childhood memories.

Texas Tornado Cake
This glazed Bundt cake is rich and bursting with fruit, nuts and coconut- A little goes a long was with Texas tornado cake. Made with creamery butter, pure vanilla and the freshest of ingredients it is a real crowd pleaser. Perfect for potlucks or gatherings.


Cranberry Coffee Cake
Cranberries are the star of this rich, moist and tangy cake. The cranberry filling is cooked to release all the juices and then slightly sweetened with sugar and orange juice. The streusel topping delivers the crunchy hit of nuts and cinnamon. Perfect for breakfast or as a snack.


Reine de Saba- Chocolate Almond Cake

This dense, chocolate almond cake is rich and decadent. You need only serve a small slice of this fudgy cake. The coffee in the cake adds an earthy overtone that matches perfectly with the chocolate. This is a cake for company or a special occasion. Delicious with a dollop of whipped cream and berries.

Orange Walnut Cake
This tender orange walnut sponge cake is a classic ”tea cake.” With the fragrance of orange and iced with a fresh orange buttercream, Orange Walnut Cake is perfect with a hot cup of tea. It is a single layer cake that is decorated with toasted walnut halves.

Pecan Rum Cake
This cake has the fabulous combination of toasted pecans and rum. The rum is both inside the cake and in the rum-butter glaze.  This Pecan Rum Cake very moist and flavorful. Definitely a cake for adults, rum and pecan cake is a special occasion cake.

Phillips Christmas Coffee Cake
A family tradition at Christmas time but this coffee cake is perfect anytime of the year. This sour cream and pecan coffee cake has a candy like crust bursting with a nutty caramel flavour.  There are layers of streusel in between the moist, tangy layers of tender cake. This is a substantial cake that will serve 10 very easily.

Classic Carrot Cake
Everyone loves carrot cake. There are many versions of this cake, but this one is spectacular. It is bursting with carrots, nuts, cranraisins, pineapple and coconut. Add all those flavours to fresh spices and orange cream cheese frosting and you have a powerhouse Classic Carrot Cake.

Banana Buttermilk Cake
One of our most popular cakes.  This moist cake is bursting with banana flavour along with tones of pure vanilla. It is iced with a citrus cream cheese frosting and decorated with toasted nuts. Banana buttermilk cake is perfect for a special occasion or the perfect end to a light meal.


Frosted Walnut and Strawberry Cake
This walnut cake is light, moist and the ground walnuts add texture and flavor. The billowing white filling filled with fresh strawberries are a perfect contrast to the cake. Frosted Walnut and Strawberry Cake is a perfect special occasion cake.

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